utorak, 13. listopada 2015.

rockaj zakovicu & a... nakit

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Marta Ruiz Contreras kaže...

Hello, my name is Marta and I am also craft: I do high-end jewelry, often with semiprecious stones and sterling silver always with stones.

I found your blog by chance and I've noticed a turn ... and yet not leave my surprise to see so many beautiful thing out of your hand artist ... Congratulations !!!

Now my greatest wish would be that you accepted the invitation that I give you in hand for you to come to visit my little craft corner (http://www.elmundodelmiyuki.blogspot.com) and you allowed me to show you my work, which is also nice ... And if you liked it, you decided to become a follower of mine, because they see what is costing me find followers to a blog on the topic of mine ...

I look forward to your visit, hoping stored in the heart, and I leave you with a kiss and a flower